Who’s who

  • Lynn Billin

    Rev. Lynn Billin  (Priest-in-Charge)
    Welcome to All Saints Church. We hope you find our website helpful in learning more about All Saints.

    07816 140 385

  • David Goymour – Church Warden
    “I enjoy being part of the All Saints family, and there are lots of people I still need to know better. It’s a work in progress!”

  • Maureen Tomkinson – Church Warden
    “I enjoy extending a friendly hand to people who come to church or who just drop in during the week.”


  • Glenda Dennis – Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary (SPA)



  • Whos Who_June
    June Mountsteven – Centre Manager
    “It is a real pleasure to meet so many from our local community, like when they are organising family parties.”


Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.)

The PCC is an elected body of the church that works with the parish priest in the furthering of the mission of the church. All Saints like all churches is a charity and members of the PCC are trustees of the charity.